Why Aluminium?

Considering that most of us spend a large proportion of our lives indoor, it’s clear why we want safe, healthy and sustainable spaces for living. However, there are 101 things to consider and we are often discouraged by the choices available in the markets, in terms of the quality and costs. 

Indoor air quality, for instance, is affected by off-gassing from furniture, flooring, wall coverings; by cooking by-products released into the air, and by mold caused by excess moisture or poor ventilation, just to name a few.

Wood based furniture has been the mainstream in the furniture market. Although the cost is more affordable, however, due to the formaldehyde released, flammable character and also the vulnerability to pests, water or moist as well as heat, it is a constant headache for owners.

On the other hand, full aluminium furniture has been evidenced as one of the better choices. 

What’s so special about aluminium furniture?

Furniture made of aluminium is durable, safe, hygienic and environmental friendly.


Many have different perception about the sturdiness of aluminium furniture. In Aluking, we only use thick aluminium profile in making our furniture pieces. With the strengthening structure inside each profile and also the sturdy joining structure, our furniture are built to last.

【It doesn’t soak up moisture or water spills

Aluminium is waterproof hence no warping and swelling due to moisture problems like wood made furniture does. Therefore aluminium furniture is the first choice for places which are wet and prone to water spills like kitchen, washrooms and outdoor, especially under humid weather of our country!

【Doesn’t catch fire

Aluminium is fire resistant and does not catch fire if exposed to a lit match. The metal melts in excess of 660 degrees Celsius so it’s relatively safe to be used in kitchen and all other areas.

【Doesn’t rust

Aluminium doesn’t rust but it does oxidised when exposed to oxygen. Nevertheless, the resulting aluminum oxide will form thin, hard surface layer that actually protects the underlying metal from further oxidation.

【Hygienic (Resistant to pests/ mildew)

As opposed to wood based furniture, aluminium is not the choice of food for pests. Aluminium is also non-porous hence far less likely to harbour bacteria, mildew and other microscopic nightmares as long as it’s cleaned.

【Free from formaldehyde

High quality aluminium doesn’t use formaldehyde, hence no worry about the formaldehyde gasses released over time like other furniture.

【Environmental friendly

Aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Aluminium furniture is long lasting and recyclable, making it the right choice you can make for our mother earth!

【Easy maintenance

You can keep your aluminium furniture clean with just occasional/ ad-hoc wipes when there are accidental spills or collection of dust and dirt. 

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