Wall Cabinet Height 362 MM

In accommodating different ceiling heights and designs, our wall cabinets have 7 cabinet heights to choose from. 

Depth 343mm are available for all heights' wall cabinets and Depth 600mm are only available for shorter wall cabinets (height 362mm and 582mm only). 

Generally we use the wall cabinets with 343mm in depth (or 393mm with 50mm aluminium hollow at the back for installing under-wall cabinet light) to maximize working space on the countertop without obstructions. 

The wall cabinets with 600mm in depth are recommended for the use at higher places, for example above the fridge (instead of getting fridge cabinet), add on to the tall unit (which has a maximum height of 2438mm) or second layer above the D343mm wall cabinet. 

In the product listing, horizontal door means the door is lifted up to open and vertical door refers to door open to left/ right. Single door means only one door and double door means two doors.  

Important Note: End panels are affixed to the sides of the kitchen cabinets (not each cabinet). The end panel for the side which is exposed shall use the ones with glass. Select "Aluminium Frame Only" for the side which is not exposed (fixed to the wall).