Q: What are the differences or relationships of Esteeli, APRESI and Aluking? 

A: APRESI is a renown brand for aluminium kitchen, window, door and other furniture. APRESI brand is owned by HongLee Group (M) Sdn Bhd, who has more than 26 years of market experience, with the head quarter in Johor. 

Esteeli Sdn Bhd [Registration No.: 201701021631 (1235797-M)] is a company operating in Penang and manages Esteeli is the authorised dealer of APRESI in Penang, offering most of the APRESI products to Penangites and people nearby. Esteeli also manufactures aluminium furniture locally.

Planning and ordering

Q: I am unsure about the size and design before I place order, what can I do?

A: Consider:

  • Go through How-To? and More Information for guidance on planning and ordering. 
  • Enquire about availability of our free coaching sessions available. Register for seats and visit us at designated location.
  • Purchase the services according to your needs from our product page.

Q: Where can I see the actual products?

A: You may visit our showroom at the following address:

  • 558b Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang

Q: I have placed and paid for my orders but change the design later on. Can I change the orders?  

A: Please contact us at 019-3351819 and email your request to [email protected] as soon as possible so that we can check the production status. Once the orders have been processed for production, we are unable to make any changes. Otherwise, we can assist to cancel the order and you can place the order again with the amount credited before.  

Q: I have engaged Interior Designer for my house; can I still buy your cabinets?

A: Yes, you can either place order by yourself or you can also ask your designer to order from

Q: I have done up my concrete kitchen, do you sells only the cabinet doors? 

A: YES! You can head to APRESI For Concrete Kitchen and also Esteeli Cabinet Door for Concrete Kitchen for selection. We also have shelving and drawers you can add on to your concrete kitchen. 

Q: Do you offer any countertop materials supply and installation?

A: Yes, we will update the choices in due course. In the mean time, you may also source your own contractor for countertop materials.  

Q: Can I get your service to install kitchen/ cabinets that I buy from other places?

A: No, our installation services only offered to products purchased from

Budget control and Payment

Q: How can I further minimise the cost?

A: You can consider:

  • Rearranging the cabinets. The longer the cabinets, the price per foot run will be cheaper. For example: 2 units of 600mm cabinet will be more expensive than one 1200mm cabinet.
  • Find alternative cabinet doors option or even consider open cabinet.
  • Visit our site frequently for announcement on promotions or discounts.

Q: What are the payment term?

A: Once you have submitted your order, upload your kitchen design to your Order* or reply to our confirmation order emailed to you**. Once our team confirm the kitchen design and your order, we will contact you to make full payment before arranging production and delivery. Upload your payment evidence to your Order* or reply to our confirmation order email**.   

* To upload to your Order after order submitted, go to "My Account", select the relevant order under "Order History", click on the order number and "Choose File" then "Upload". 

**Your reply to our confirmation order emailed to you will be sent to [email protected] 

Q: How do I make payment?

A: Currently we only accept bank transfer to Esteeli Sdn Bhd bank account (you can see details at your check out page). Once payment is made, please upload your payment evidence to your Order* or reply to our confirmation order email**, together with all the particulars required 

Q: Can I do installment for the payment?

A: No, do not offer any payment installment plan at the moment.

Q: Can I secure promotions or discounts with booking fee/ partial payment? Do I need to make full payment to enjoy the promotions/ discounts?

A: Our promotions are applicable for limited period only. Therefore, only those orders placed and paid during the promotion period will enjoy the promotions/ discounts.  

However, there are times when we offer promotions such as locking in X% discount for certain period, or giving out additional credits if you place advance with us. You may place certain amount of advance booking (as required) to secure such promotions. 


Q: How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

A: It will take at least 21 working days for the products to be ready from the day of order confirmation or full payment receipt, whichever later.

Q: Can I place order in advance when you have promotion and deliver on a later date?

A: Yes, you can. We will keep your order up to 6 months. If the delivery is beyond 6 months, we will adjust the prices according to the ongoing prices and promotions upon delivery request. Note: plan your date, allow at least 21 working days for delivery.

Q: Can I arrange my own delivery transport?

A: Yes, upon check out, select “self-pickup”. Once we have confirmed with you on the delivery date, we will provide Delivery Order to you (containing number of boxes and other information). Please arrange the pick-up and revert to us on the contact number and vehicle registration number of your transporter 1 day before, to avoid us delivering your goods to wrong transporter. 


Q: What are the warranty likes?

A: We provide 1-year warranty for accessories only. For cabinets, do check the items upon receiving and unpacking. We will replace the items for manufacturing defects. Any damages caused by third party installer are not covered by us. 

Refund and Return

Q: Can I request for refund?

A: Generally do not offer refund. Nevertheless, you may use the credit balance to purchase any items on our site. 

EXCEPTIONS to this no-refund policy would be out-of-stock goods and/ or services which we are unable to deliver within 60 days from the date of order or date of expected delivery, whichever later. This also covers the situations under Force Majeure clause in our Terms of Service.

Where delays or postponements of delivery are requested by third parties (such as you or your contractors), the 60 days starts from the new delivery date. 

Q: Can I return the items ordered?

A: All items ordered are not returnable as we only make-to-order. For items received, they shall be inspected and accepted on the site. Where you require further details and clarification, our professional team will assist on this matter.