Considering that most of us spend a large proportion of our lives indoor, it’s clear why we want safe, healthy and sustainable spaces for living. However, there are 101 things to consider and we are often discouraged by the choices available in the markets, in terms of the quality and costs. Full aluminium furniture has been evidenced as one of the better choices (see Why Aluminium?) but may sometimes come with a hefty price tag.

We believe the healthy and sustainable lifestyle shall not be deterred by high costs. Therefore in, we offer a wide range of full aluminium kitchen, windows and doors, numerous multipurpose cabinets and look into possible areas to cut the cost yet maintain the advantages of aluminium furniture.

In summary, we have:

  • Two main brands of aluminium products in our website to choose from, i.e. APRESI and ESTEELI. Under each brand, there are numerous goods and/ or services to choose from in making your dream home. 
  • Break down all the costs of our products. With the knowledge of each cabinet's value, you can play around with the design and costs, based on available budget and preference.    
  • Split the services and installation fee where possible. If you are capable of doing it or getting the service at a cheaper rate, save the cost by not engaging us. 
  • Provide as much information as we can on the site so that you can find answers to your questions anytime you like, even when you can't sleep at night. 
  • Offer free coaching sessions, to guide you on the planning and designing of your kitchen and other corner of your places using our products. Find out more about the upcoming session (limited slots and seats only) at Events.  

Do register an aluking account with our and visit frequently to get updated with more promotions and discounts!

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