Semi Tall Cabinet Height 1420 MM

Semi Tall cabinets are very useful for storage and the design is very much depends on the habits and preferences of each individuals. The width range from 450mm to 600mm (suitable for general storage and oven/ other appliances respectively), you may combine few of them to become a wider Semi Tall cabinet.

The standard Semi Tall cabinet does not include shelves/ pull out trays (drawers). Go to Miscellaneous Add-Ons to add on! 

The standard Semi Tall cabinet do not include cabinet top too. If you want a simple glass top which are consistent with the door and end panels at sides, do select another piece of end panel covering your cabinets and the side end panels. 

Important notes: End panels are affixed to the sides of the semi tall cabinet. The end panel for the exposed sides or sides connected to other cabinets shall use the ones with glass. Select "Aluminium Frame Only" for the side which is not exposed (fixed to the wall).